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Secrets of Instagram Top Post and Instagram Algorithm

Use the latest Instagram Top Post algorithm and logic to create your own Top Posts and Instagram Active Accounts for Maximum Exposure.


IG Popular post


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General Guidelines


SNSHelper discloses the secret of IG Top Post algorithm & IG Top Post Maximum Exposure for free.


Stop spending a large amount of money on companies, you can now save costs with higher exposure by managing Top Post yourself.


Be sure to read the explanation page of “How to make an active account & IG Algorithm” before placing an order.


It is effective when you place an order with an active account.


To create an Active Account, you can use steps 1~3 together with the methods mentioned on the explanation page. 


When creating an active account, between 250~500 likes and Step 1~3 are recommended. (If you want to shorten the time, you can use it together with Step 4~7)


If you already have an Active Account, you can order directly from steps 1~7. (It is recommended to start with 300~600 likes at first and increase the number gradually if exposure is weak.)


Step 1 is a Likes service that only SNSHelper provides. These Likes are specialized to increase your account’s score and each account has more followers than following. The accounts regularly scroll Instagram feed, add posts, and follow and unfollow people to mimic real human’s action. (Do not mix with other companies’ likes)


Please complete all the steps within 10mins after posting.


Step 1: Likes for Popular Posts (Including Reach + Impressions)

Recommended quantity: 250~800 likes (Amount of likes that are similar to the top 1~15th posts on Top Post)


Step 2: Increase comments

Recommended quantity: 5~20


Step 3: Increase post Reach + Impressions on posts.

Recommended quantity: 300~1000 (No more than 3x the number of likes)


Step 4: Increase post Shares 

Recommended quantity: 300~800 (No more than 1x the number of likes)


Step 5: Increase post Saves

Recommended quantity: 300~800 (No more than 1x the number of likes)


----------30mins after exposure to Top Post----------


Step 6: Hong Kong Likes
Recommended quantity
: 50~200


Step 7: Increase post Reach + Impression + Profile Visits 

Recommended quantity: 500~1000 (No more than 3x the number of likes)




Please place an additional order in steps 6 and 7  after posting and confirming entry into popular posts. (Duplicate orders are possible)


*If you want to maintain and increase the popularity of the post because the ranking is pushed the next day, please order steps 6 and 7 once in the morning/afternoon or only once additionally.


***The secret of posts with more than 1,000 likes that are exposed at top posts section: (same method can be applied to posts less than 1,000 Likes.)


Step 1:  800~1,000   ➡️ step 2 : 10~15 ➡️ step 3:  1,000~1,500 ➡️ step 4:  500~1,000 ➡️ step 5:  500~1,000

After 30 minutes confirming entry into top posts, Step 6: 150~250 ➡️ Step 7:  500~1,000



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