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Terms Of Service

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this agreement is to prescribe the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the company and its users in using the SNS Helper Service (, hereinafter referred to as "SNS Helper" or "Service") operated by SNS Helper.

Article 2 (Definition)

1. 'SNS Helper' refers to a virtual place of business in which the company can purchase and use its services through information and communication facilities such as computers, to provide online marketing services (hereinafter referred to as "service, etc.") to users, as well as being used in the meaning of the operator of service.

2. 'User' refers to a person or company that has registered as a member by providing personal information to 'SNS Helper', receives information from 'SNS Helper' continuously, and can continue to use the services provided by SNS Helper.

Article 3 (Statement, Explanation and Revision of Terms and Conditions)

1. These terms and conditions take effect upon being posted on the service screen.

2. The terms and conditions of 'SNS Helper' may be modified or changed at any time.

3. If a member does not agree to the terms and conditions, they may request the withdrawal of membership at any time with their free right.

Article 4 (Registration)

1. The user completes the membership sign up process by stating that they agree to the agreement after filling out membership information in accordance with the subscription form set by SNS Helper.

2. SNS Helper allows sign up unless a registrator falls under any of the following categories from those who have applied to join as a member as in clause1:

A. Where an applicant has previously lost his or her membership under article12 clause2 of this agreement

B. Where there is a false, omitted entry or error in the registration information

C. Other cases where it is deemed that registering as a member may interfere with the operation of SNS Helper

Article 5 (Management of Member ID)

1. The user is responsible for managing the user ID and password.

2. The user ID may be changed or withdrawn at the request of the user or at the judgment of the company only in the following cases:

- A. If the ID is a user's phone number or resident registration number and there is a risk of privacy and personal information infringement.

- B. If the ID may be mistaken for an operator, employee or associate of SNS Helper.

- C. Other such causes that may be considered reasonable.

Article 6 (Provided Services)

1. Service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unless there is a special reason in terms of the company's work or technical difficulties. All services provided by 'SNS Helper' are available 24 hours a day.

2. The company can restrict the use of services and change prices at any time.

3. From within the members who agree to use this service, ‘SNS helper’ may partially utilize a user’s network and PC resources for the purpose of providing a better service experience.

4. The company does not create bot accounts, named accounts, or ghost accounts. It also does not provide services through illegal activities such as macro programs, bot use, etc. The company is a reseller who resells the services of a third party publicly available to anyone.

5. The company tries to deliver the best service from the perspective of a reseller, but cannot guarantee that the service delivered is always of the highest quality.

6. Illegal services (illegal gambling, adult sites, etc.) and malicious advertising is prohibited. Because all services are automated, the company is not responsible for any future disadvantages that may arise even when the service has automatically started through the buyer entering and ordering links.

7. The company does not promote or promise that members can earn profits by using the company's services.

8. In the event of a technical failure or other special reasons, the execution of orders for services provided by the company may somewhat be "delayed".

9. All responsibilities that may arise from using this service is on the user.

10. All deposits and refunds (withdrawals) will be made automatically. However, if such a system is abused, the company can file a complaint and respond to investigation requests.

Article 7 (Cautions for Service Use)

1. Before ordering the service, the user must ensure that the data provided to the company (information or links required for the order) is in a "full disclosure" state which is available to all third parties. If you place an order without a "full disclosure" status, the order may not be delivered fully to the initial amount that the user ordered.

2. For an order “in progress", the user must not change the status of the data provided to the company (information or links required to execute the order). The user must also make no changes to the data link (information or links required to execute the order) which makes previous data obsolete. This includes changing the user name/profile name. If such changes are made to an "in progress" order, the order will be automatically processed and marked as complete including orders that have not been fully delivered in the quantity ordered. All such changes can only be made after the company has finished delivering the order. The company is not responsible for any problems in which the order is delivered short of the target number due to such changes made during the operation.

3. Incorrectly entered orders caused by the user’s error may also be processed or completed.

4. If external services provided from other website or external activities while using the company’s service, the company's services may overlap with the services provided from other website or external activities. Therefore, for a smooth operation, the user must use external services on their own only after the company has completed the order.

5. The company will do its best to accurately deliver the "order quantity" ordered by the user. However, due to the characteristic of the system being used, the company does not guarantee that the order will be delivered exactly to the quantity ordered by the user.

Article 8 (Order and Order Cancellation)

1. Cancellation or refunds are not allowed for already "completed" orders.

2. Orders delivered to the system are processed sequentially, and all services are subject to different server conditions in the process. Therefore it is impossible to predict. SNS Helper can provide an average completion date when contacting the Customer Service Center. However, the company will give only the best estimate of when the order will be completed, and does not guarantee that an estimate is available or that the time is always accurate.

3. Once an order is received, the original order is in an 'in progress' state. 'In progress' orders cannot be stopped, canceled or refunded under any circumstances. However, if an order has not started processing after 3 days of ordering, the user can request a cancellation. After the member requests cancellation, if the company deems the order as impossible to fulfill, the order will be canceled and the amount paid for the purchase will be refunded to the buyer's deposit.

4. The services provided are in the form of “expendable goods”. Due to the nature of the service, the quantity that has been delivered may be deviated at any time. The company will not take responsibility for, refund, or re-promote already completed and deviated orders. (a user may apply for a refill from within the company's refill regulation. Check Refill Regulations.)

5. If any clauses under Article 7 'Cautions for Service Use' are violated, orders cannot be canceled.

6. The company will not refund or cancel orders that are "in progress" including orders that are proceeding slower than expected.

Article 9 (Deposit [Balance])

1. The user can use all of SNS Helper’s services at the stated price through adding deposit on the site (1deposit = 1USD).

2. The deposit (balance) on SNS Helper can be added through the following:

- A. Paypal

3. The deposit (charge balance) is made through Paypal and will be automatically charged if the transaction through Paypal is successful. If automatic charging is not possible, it can be charged at the request of the user.

4. Balance that has been acquired free of charge will be used after all of the cash (actually paid by the member) is used.

5. If a user acquires the balance unjustly or unfairly, the user cannot use the said balance and the company may withdraw it.

6. The charged deposit is valid until one year from the date of the user’s last login. After the set period, the company will consider the user to have given up their right to the charged deposit. The user cannot reclaim the expired amount.

7. 30 days before expiration of deposit, the company will notify the user through the SNS Helper site screen of the fact that the deposit is due to expire in 30 days. Expired deposits belong to the company.

Article 10 (Balance Refund Regulation)

1. The user may apply for a refund at any time for their remaining balance. (any balance acquired free of charge is excluded)

2. Refunds will be made on any day when requested, but it may take few days if any technical issue occurs.

3. Refunds will be automatically refunded to user’s Paypal account that user used to make a deposit.

4. Refunds are not available for amounts under 0.5 USD.

5. A refund for the remaining balance is available upon contacting the customer service center. Refunds are not possible, under any circumstance, through a credit card company's chargeback or PayPal claim.

Article 11 (Complaint Procedures and Processing Period by type)

User complaint type, processing procedure, and processing period are as follows.

- Type of complaint: Payment, error (disorder), service restriction, etc.

- If the user is dissatisfied with the service, they can make suggestions at any time using the company's customer service center.

- The company will respond or take an action to user complaints on the customer service center as soon as possible.

Article 12 (Membership Withdrawal, Loss of Qualification, etc.)

1. The user may request a membership withdrawal from SNS Helper at any time, and SNS Helper will process the withdrawal immediately. However, the user must complete, withdraw, or cancel all ongoing transactions before notifying the company of their intention to withdraw, and must bear any disadvantages caused by the membership withdrawal or cancellation of the transaction. In addition, if a user fails to fully perform their debts to the company, the company may restrict the membership withdrawal until the member fulfills all of their obligations, and if the user is suspended due to a violation of these terms and conditions, the company may restrict the user's membership withdrawal to prevent such events recurring.

2. The user must not commit any of the following acts, and in the event of such acts, the company may impose sanctions including restrictions on the user's service use and legal actions.

- A. The act of registering false information when applying for a membership or editing user information.

- B. The act of stealing someone else's ID, password, or contact information.

- C. The act of trading user IDs with others.

- D. The act of harming or deliberately disrupting services.

- E. The act of duplicating information obtained through this service for purposes other than the use of the service without prior consent from the company, using it for publication and broadcasting, or providing it to a third party.

- F. The act of transmitting, posting, e-mailing, etc. obscene information, sentences, shapes, sounds, and videos to others in violation of public order and customs;

- G. The act of sending, posting, e-mailing or other means of spreading to others, insulting or personal information that may infringe on others' honor or privacy.

- H. An act that is objectively judged to be associated with crime.

- I. The act of disrupting services or using abusive language to members of SNS Helper and SNS Helper’s business partners, etc.

- J. The act of violating any other regulations or conditions of use set by the company, including these terms and conditions

- K. Someone who is not in agreement with SNS Helper's operational policy,

- L. Other acts that violate relevant laws.

3. If SNS Helper disqualifies a membership the user registration will be canceled. In this case, the user will be notified.

4. To prevent repeated sign up, basic member information is kept only for those who have been forcibly withdrawn and the user’s deposit (balance) will not be refunded.

5. In the case where the user commits an act contrary to Article 14 'Duties of Users’

Article 13 (Duties of Company)

1. The company must not engage in acts prohibited by the law and these terms and conditions, and must do its best to provide continuous and stable service as prescribed by these terms and conditions.

2. The company must not divulge or distribute user information acquired in connection with the service to others or use them for commercial purposes.

3. The reasons for exemption from company obligations are as follows.

- A. As the company merely provides the system as an online marketer, the company will not intervene in any disputes that arise regarding transactions or information registered by users, and the user must bear all responsibilities resulting from the dispute. In addition, in the case where the company must compensate a third party for damages of other expenses in connection with this matter, the company may exercise its right to indemnity to the sales user.

- B. The company is exempted from responsibility for providing services if it is unable to provide services due to natural disasters or any equivalent force majeure, maintenance inspection, replacement or breakdown of information and communication facilities, etc.

- C. The company is exempted from responsibility for damages caused by the failure of the key telecommunications service provider to stop providing or normally providing telecommunication services.

- D. The company is exempted from responsibility for damages caused by unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, regular inspection, and construction of service facilities.

- E. The company will not be held liable for any obstacles or damages in using the service caused by reasons attributable to a user.

- F. The company will not be held liable for damages caused by a user's computer error or for damages caused by a user's poor management of personal information and e-mail address.

- G. The company will not be held liable for damages caused by data obtained by users while using the service.

- C. The responsibility of the user delivering data that cannot be ordered in the course of the service.

- D. Damage caused between users or between users and third parties through the platform.

- E. Damage caused by the purchase or use of services of the company.

4. The company may restrict simultaneous access to the same account for the protection of its membership rights (service stability, account protection, and prevention of malicious use etc).

Article 14 (Duties of Users)

1. When a user signs up or changes their user information, they must fill in all information based on facts and real names (when requested by the company). If a user registers false or another person's information, they cannot claim any rights and shall be punished for civil and criminal liability accordingly.

2. The user must comply with the company's notices and related statutes, such as the matters stipulated in this agreement, other regulations set by the company, and if the company is harmed by acts that interfere with other company’s' work or damage the company's reputation, the company may take damages or criminal charges against the user.

3. The user must immediately notify the company of any changes in the terms and conditions of the contract, such as contact information and email address.

4. Except for when the company is responsible under relevant laws or the 'Personal Information Handling Policy', the user will be held responsible for all consequences caused by the user's loss of or fraudulent use of the assigned ID and password, and cannot charge claims to SNS Helper.

5. The user cannot transfer or donate their right to use the service or other service contract statuses to another person, or provide it as a collateral offer unless the company explicitly agrees to it.

6. The user has an obligation to manage their ID and password and will be solely responsible for all consequences arising from the use of their ID and password.

7. Users must not use other members' accounts unfairly.

8. Users must not infringe on the company's copyright and a third-party's copyright, etc.

9. Users cannot transfer or share their ID and password to a third party, and they will be solely responsible for all consequences arising from the violation of these terms and conditions.

10. Users must not take actions which cause harm to the company, and the company will not take responsibility for any responsibilities arising as the result of such activities. The member will be held liable for damages to the company for such activities.

11. The sending of or posting information (computer programs, etc.) other than the information determined by SNS helpers

12. The information obtained from the service must not be reproduced for purposes other than the use of the users without prior consent from the company, used for publication or broadcasting, or provided to third parties.

13. Other acts that damage the reputation of SNS Helper or a third party, or interfere with their work

Article 15 (Restriction on the Attribution and Use of Copyright)

1. Copyright and other intellectual property rights to works created by SNS Helper belong to SNS Helper.

2. The user must not use information obtained by using the SNS Helper or copyrighted to SNS Helper for profit or use, duplicate, transmit, publish, distribute, or broadcast or allow a third party to use without prior consent from SNS Helper.

Article 16 (Interpretation of Terms and Conditions)

1. “The company" may have a separate service operation policy in addition to the"Terms and Conditions".

2. Matters or interpretations not specified in the terms and conditions, will be abided in accordance to the service operation policies, information on use, announcements, frequently asked questions, all pages on the site, and related statutes, and if there is a separate agreement the agreement will be prioritized.

Article 17 (Reimbursement for Damage, etc.)

1. The company and its users may claim damages if another party suffers damages due to the violation of each clause of this service contract due to reasons attributable to one party.

2. If the company is liable for damages to consumers, consumer organizations, government offices, or other third parties due to reasons attributable to a user, the user must defend and indemnify the company and will be held responsible for any damages or losses.

Article 18 (Compliance Law and Jurisdiction)

1. Matters not specified in this Agreement will abide by relevant statutes such as the Telecommunications Business Act.

2. If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising from the use of the service, the court that has jurisdiction over the area of the company's headquarters will be the competent court.

Article 19 (Regulations Outside of Terms and Conditions)

1. These terms and conditions are applied along with information on individual services provided by SNS Helper.

2. Matters not specified in this agreement may be applied according to the purpose or ordinary customs of the relevant statutes and instructions.